St. Mary's Garden Club is a talented and welcoming group of dedicated gardeners and flower arrangers. The club - founded over eighty-five years ago in 1934 - was once affiliated with The Episcopal Church of Saint Mary but that is no longer the case. However, the club is fortunate to meet on church property, host functions on site and maintain two gardens as required by club bylaws.

Saint Mary’s Garden Club is dedicated to education and volunteerism. Monthly meetings are held from September to June and the meetings feature guest speakers on various topics related to horticulture, flower arranging and all aspects of gardening. Workshops are held and talented members share their expertise and bring energy and enthusiasm to all we undertake.

Whether arranging flowers for the elderly, maintaining gardens at the Blue Star Memorial Marker in Falmouth, or fundraising for the local Falmouth library, the group is eager and operates with style, energy, and warmth. New members feel welcomed and inspired to be actively involved.

Mary’s Garden Club welcomes members of the public at many meetings and program events throughout the year. We encourage any and all who are interested to join us. Whether as a guest, or as a potential new member, you are welcome!

Lucy Ellis, President
11:00 am Meeting
St. Mary's Church
"Dishing it with Friends"

Begin the garden club year with time together in St. Mary’s garden! We will gather outdoors at small tables and create dish gardens. Bring a small plant and facilitators will assign you on the spot to a group. After admiring our creations, we will raffle them off to the membership, so bring a dollar for a ticket! Your dish and dirt will be provided.

Hospitality: Joanne McKee, Alison Metsker, Kelly Orzel, Diana Hibbard
SEP 12

9:30-11:00 am Closing the Gardens
St. Mary's Church
Bring your garden tools. David Orbiton from Wicked Sharp will be at St. Mary's available to sharpen your tools while we close the gardens.

10:00 am Workshop - Horticulture:"Plant Pot Decorating"
St. Mary's Church

Workshop sponsored by the Horticulture and Environmental Concerns Committee. There will be pots, paint, stencils and a "moss" covering you make - all available to decorate a pot(s) for planting forced bulbs. Great for gifts or yourself! There will be a charge for this workshop. The cost is to be determined by cost of pots and supplies. Sign up at our September meeting.

11:00 am Meeting
St. Mary's Church
Public Welcome $5
"Pressing Plants with Lynette Breton"

Nature provides us with extraordinary designs, patterns and colors. We can extend this enjoyment throughout the seasons by pressing plants. Lynette Breton, maker of the Heirloom Flower Press, will present a slide show on the history of plant pressing, collection of specimens, pressing techniques and the contemporary use of pressed plants in making art.

Hospitality: Moly Mason, Kerry Tietjen, Judy Knupp, Nina Comiskey
OCT 17
OCT 17

OCT 17

10:00 am Board Meeting
Guild Room, St. Mary's Church

11:00 am Meeting
St. Mary's Church
"The 18th Century Herb Garden"
Public Welcome - $5

Betsy-Ann Golan, Historical Herbalist, has lectured extensively and is affiliated with both the Shaker Village in New Gloucester and Mount Vernon Estate. She will entertain us with tales of the 18th century herb garden incorporating the kitchen garden at Mount Vernon and its function for both medicinal and culinary purposes. Much is still relevant today. There will be herbs and products for sale.

Hospitality: Betty Yancey, Marcia Taylor, Lynne Werner, Ellen Thayer

Landscape Design School Course 2
Auditorium, St. Mary's Church
For more information contact Harriet Robinson, Stroudwater District Director (
NOV 16-17

9:30 am Workshop
St. Mary's Church
"Creating Centerpieces"

This workshop will be used to create centerpieces for our Holiday Gathering - immediately following - and for you to bring home for the holidays! This will harken back to our Greens Sales work sessions!

11:00 am Meeting
St. Mary's Church
"Great Gardens of England and Wales"

Did you all wish we could have hopped in their suitcases and joined Carolyn Davis and Marianne Dodge on Charlie Nardozzi’s tour of great gardens in England and Wales? Well, we will all become their vicarious companions as they share photos and experiences of the fabulous trip!

12:00 pm Holiday Gathering and Reception
with Silver Service
St. Mary's Church

Join us for our traditional Holiday Gathering: sweets and savories served in high style! Keep the spirit of giving going by bringing along some non-perishable food and/or other essentials for the Falmouth Food Pantry.

Hospitality: Layne Gregory, Jamie Morin, Vail Traina, Marianne Dodge, Holly Williams, Aurelia Scott, Jenifer Stewart, Beth Rovnak
DEC 12
DEC 12
DEC 12

9:00 am Board Meeting
Guild Room, St. Mary's Church

10:00 am Workshop - Horticulture: "Seed Exchange"
, St. Mary's Church

Seed Exchange Workshop sponsored by the Horticulture and Environmental Concerns committee. It will be a time to learn about seed harvesting and storage. You will be able to exchange leftover seeds from your 2016 garden season. Don't forget to save your seeds in a sealed envelope that is clearly labeled..

11:00 am Meeting
St. Mary's Church
"Seed Starting"
Public Welcome - $5

Clark Whitter, experienced Master Gardener, will explain how to start seedlings at home just in time for spring! You will learn how to care for your seedlings until they are safely planted in the garden. Clark will answer all the questions you have and take the mystery out of growing from seed.

Hospitality: Marilyn Traiser, Norma Jean Brilliant, Jessica LaPlante, Judy Miskell

11:00 am Meeting
St. Mary's Church
"Learning from Lost Gardens"i
Public Welcome - $10

Patrick Chassé is an educator, landscape architect, ecologist, author and landscape historian. He is Maine born and bred, and earned a Master of Landscape Architecture degree from Harvard Graduate School of Design. The gardens visited in this lecture no longer exist, and most could never be restored on their original sites. A hundred years later, they help us to see a spirit and tradition of creating gardens that still illuminate and inspire our gardens today. .

Hospitality: Carolyn Davis, Durinda Chace, Willie Sawyer, Kelly Ianno
FEB 13

11:00 am Meeting
St. Mary's Church
"Easy Design"

James McBride joins us to share his talent and tips on Floral Design. James is the past owner of Compositions and Fleuriste and is presently the owner of Event Design by James McBride. His creativity and arrangements are to be admired! James will be showing us how to make small bouquets and table designs from flowers easily obtained locally.

Hospitality: Elaine Elliott, Margaret Curran, Katy Gannon-Janelle, Jan Wentling

5:00-8:00 pm Great Gardener Series
St. Mary's Church Auditorium
Public Welcome - $20

For more information use the link above for the Great Gardener Series.

10:00 am Board Meeting
St. Mary's Church

11:00 am Meeting
St. Mary's Church
"Succulents and the Halls Pond Garden"
Public Welcome - $5

Almost twenty years ago, Mark Brandhorst began to create the amazing succulent and stone mecca in South Paris known as Halls Pond Gardens and Nursery. This month, he will tell us about all things Sedum and Sempervivum. We will learn which ones love Maine’s rocky ledge and thin soil, how to grow them outdoors and indoors and how to blend them with other plants. He’ll also bring along examples to show and to sell. Mark is a remarkable garden photographer. His website,, offers inspiration and more information.

Stroudwater District Annual Meeting
APR 10
APR 10
APR 26

11:00 am Meeting
St. Mary's Church
"Floral Designs Inspired by Fabulous Gardens"
Public Welcome - $5

Join Thelma Shoneman, a Master Judge from Massachusetts, as she brings us floral designs inspired by 6 fabulous gardens that she recently visited in Oregon, South Carolina, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Maine. Each arrangement includes a different leaf manipulation, which she will demonstrate. She will talk about each garden and the unique attraction which inspired the “floral souvenir.”

Hospitality: Linda Grant, Nancy Angier, Lynne Shepherd, Susan Carter

9:00 am-12:00 pm Plant Sale Set-up
9:00 am-12:00 pm Plant Sale
MAY 19
MAY 20

8:00 am Field Trip
Halls Pond Gardens

Come for a personal tour of the beautiful Halls Pond Gardens that were created by our April speaker Mark Brandhorst. The well-known gardens and stonework, including the cultivation of an abandoned barn foundation, have been in development for almost twenty years. Stone steps descend down, revealing beautiful stone walls with succulents growing out of the rocks. A bridge connects the rock garden to the woodland gardens where small patches of delicate spring flowers bloom. Visit the nursery where rock-loving plants and other low-growing perennials, as well as sculptural stone containing various succulents, are sold.

11:00 am Annual Meeting
Yarmouth History Center
St. Mary’s garden club member, Kelly Orzel, will present on kitchen gardening. Impressive as they may be, traditional, walled British gardens do not lend themselves to the modern gardener on the go! Kitchen Gardens, or potagers, look lovely and provide tasty fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the season. Kelly will share the basics of growing for the kitchen and practices that combine old-fashioned, organic growing techniques with the artistry of the cottage garden. She will discuss plant bed rotations, how to prepare your soil, and stagger your crops to ensure a multi-season harvest! Kelly’s first book, The Backyard Garden, published by Lyons Press will be available for signing and purchase for those interested. !

10:00 am Board Meeting
St. Mary's Church

GCFM Annual Convention
Hilton Garden Inn, Freeport ME

JUN 12
JUN 13
JUN 19-21

10:00 am-2:00 pm Garden Gaze
Garden Gaze

Informally tour gardens of your fellow members. Putting one's garden on the tour is voluntary; owner members do not have to be home. This annual summer event rotates on a three-year cycle through the months of June, July and August.
JUL 10


Meetings are held the second Monday of the month, September through June, in the auditorium of Saint Mary's Parish House. (While Saint Mary's Church has provided the club with meeting space throughout the years, the club is not affiliated with the church.) Members are asked to be in attendance at a majority of meetings during the year, to help beautify and maintain designated garden areas, and to assist with fundraising projects. Currently the Club has a Great Gardener Series and a Spring Plant Sale. The Club has minimal dues.

Membership meetings include a time for socializing, a short business meeting, and an educational program and/or participatory workshop. There usually is a brief discussion of an environmental concern, horticultural topics, flower arranging and/or gardening tips.

Interested in joining? Contact a member of the club via email at


Organized in June 1930, Saint Mary's Garden Club was a charter member of the Garden Club Federation of Maine, Inc. Through the years, the Club's objectives have been to promote garden fellowship and to cultivate a spirit of good gardening in the community. Club members share a strong interest in gardening, environmental awareness, floral design, and in educating others in these areas whenever possible.

St. Mary's Coffee Sale Group

Involvement throughout the past eighty-plus years has included advocating at the Maine legislature to prevent billboard signs on Maine highways, landscaping at many civic sites in local towns and Portland, aiding in purchasing land for conservation and participating in "Keep Maine Beautiful," a part of the Keep America Beautiful project.

Donations over the years have been provided to libraries, botanical projects, the McLaughlin Garden, Friends of Casco Bay, Friends of the Royal River and the Morrison Center. Recent scholarships have been provided to Southern Maine Community College, Portland Arts & Science High School, the University of Maine, and Mast Landing Camp.

St. Mary's Coffee Sale Group, 1946 (left to right): Mrs. GUIDO J. Arzonico, Mrs. F. Margaret Burnham, mrs. l.m. thorndike, mrs. fred b. webster, mrs. richard e. pettingill, mrs. rolland e. irish and mrs. richard p. knight.

Community Outreach

Proceeds from St. Mary's Garden Club's Great Gardener Series and Spring Plant Sale are used to fund a yearly scholarship to a horticulture student at Southern Maine Community College, and for donations to local nonprofits, including the Portland Housing Authority for Seniors and the Disabled for individual gardens, The Morrison Center, The McLaughlin Garden Foundation and Wolfe's Neck Farm Teen Ag Program. In 2013, an additional scholarship was added for an Armed Services veteran to attend the Master Gardener program.

In 2015 a one-time pollinator grant was awarded to the University of Maine's Cooperative Extension Service for Cumberland County.

The club also designed and provided the funds to plant the landscape for the Freeport Habitat for Humanity's eight unit residential community.


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